Mall Cop 2 (2015) Review

Are you okay? No, but I’ve never been better.

The good:

– Witty script
– Generally likeable characters
– Family friendly, and no swearing!

The bad:

– Paul Blart not as likeable as before
– Worse bad guys than before

The first Mall Cop was a pleasant watch, funny and easy to understand. You probably thought Mall Cop didn’t really have anywhere to go for a sequel, and you were right – Mall Cop 2 is more of the same. But what they did do is improve everything. They took it to a bigger mall in Las Vegas with the slightly enlarged budget it had been given. The script is packed with more jokes than the original. The only area they didn’t improve is the bad guy, who is less likeable and doesn’t appear out of a plot twist as before.

The daughter is back, but unfortunately love interest Jayma Mays appears only briefly, which is fine, but since she was such a likeable character before, it’s a shame the way they wrote her out. Kevin James’s character could be argued to be less likeable, but I didn’t notice much difference. If you’re not a fan of fat jokes, steer well clear, but Mall Cop 2 has some genuinely witty jokes and doesn’t spoil itself with foul language. Hurray!

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