The Ugly Truth (2009) Review

You have to be two people. The librarian and the stripper.

The good:

  • Real chemistry between Butler and Heigl
  • The restaurant scene
  • Strangely wholesome at the end, in its own twisted way

The bad:

  • Crass, explicit, cheap laughs*
  • Smiles, more than laughs

You’ll like this if:

  • You want a silly, flirty, forgettable night in


A high-achieving TV producer (Catherine Heigl) is forced to boost her ratings by hiring a chauvinistic male presenter (Gerard Butler) whose relationship advice goes against everything she stands for. She sets out to prove him wrong.

She believes in mature emotions and deep, abiding love, while he only knows in lust seduction, and manipulation. In the end, they learn to take a leaf out of each others’ books.


In one scene, she’s wearing vibrating underwear in a restaurant and accidentally triggers the remote in front of her boss. Need I say more? The humour is centred around sex and going head-on into gender stereotypes – which is a little refreshing – in a battle between love and sex. The movie certainly has a happy ending.


The Ugly Truth is a 15-rated smutty romance that makes you smile and goes great with a date night in and/or a date.

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