Vacation (2015) Review

The new vacation will stand on its own.

The good:

– Likeable main character (Ed Helms’s)
– Some witty ideas and jokes

The bad:

– Spoiled by foul language and bad content
– Not so likeable secondary character (Christina Applegate’s) and irritating children

This film literally swears almost every minute, and I don’t mean mind ones. 95 f- or s- words in a 99 minute film – it’s a swear-a-minute comedy! If they had replaced each word with even a subtle joke, this would have gone down in history. When will they learn that swearing doesn’t equal funny? And yes, the original Vacation wasn’t squeaky clean, but that was just suitable for family viewing, at least. This? No way. And it’s a shame, because there are some really funny scenes, which is rare for a modern comedy. Vacation is very similar to We’re the Millers, but definitely funnier.

The family of four is an oddly-written one. The main couple are fairly normal, and the mother (Applegate) is very likeable… until the party scene. That completely turns her around, for the worse. She gets worse as she comes off very badly by not appearing to put any effort in with their relationship, and when Rusty finds the marriage problems book, you have to feel for him. Rusty is actually the likeable one in the end because he puts in all the effort for his family, and you kind of feel he deserves better. Each of the two children have one joke that they milk for the entire film, jokes which weren’t funny to begin with! One is really soft and non-masculine, the other swears a lot (it’s even worse that he’s about 10 in real life).

Despite feeling a little let down, Ed Helms and Christina Applegate have still gone up in my opinion, as their performances were very good. Despite the wife’s horrible character, Vacation picks up toward the end and somehow manages to finish on a high note due to a sense of happy, familial love.

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