We’re the Millers (2013) Review

A smidge of pot.


You may like this if:
– You are into darker humour
– You enjoy modern comedies
– You aren’t watching with your mother

You won’t like this if:
– You prefer more appropriate themes
– You want a script packed full of jokes

Well that was disappointing! After all the hype, I really expected a decent film, the way everyone mentions it all the time. But I genuinely found this to be unpleasant to watch. I mean, even the subject matter isn’t remotely funny: drugs and strippers!

Not one to watch with your parents, this has some most unpleasant content, and I can’t believe Jennifer Aniston took the role of a stripper. Scenes include (and are limited to) disgusting sexual encounters, bad language, strip scenes, bad language, and awkward conversation topics. The caravan couple the Millers run into and describe as “sweet” are really incredibly strange (except the daughter) and ruin much of the film by showing us all their sex life.

Granted, there are some funny (ish) moments like the weed baby, but otherwise, it appears they have put swearing in place of the jokes. We’re the Millers suffers from ‘modern comedy syndrome’ – they cram it full of swearing as if it’s funny, obnoxious music so they don’t have to write a script for some scenes, and generally just omit jokes.

Jennifer Aniston puts in a good performance and is the only reason I could recommend this film, as her character is very convincing and endearing. Jason Sudekis isn’t bad either. In fact, no one really lets the film down acting-wise; it’s just the writing that does.

In fairness to the film, the ending does pick up a little for the final 20 minutes, and is strangely sweet at the end. At times, We’re the Millers can be quite humorous, but the unpleasant content strung through the entire thing drag it right down. If you’re a fan of darker subjects, you might enjoy this more and give a higher score. But personally, I cannot recommend this, and suggest you save your hour and forty minutes and perhaps spend them on a real comedy.

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