Top 10 Films

The Movie Hall of Fame. Here are, in my opinion, the best films of all time. Now, we know that this is always subjective, but you can be pretty sure that all these films are absolutely worth the watch. Under one entry is grouped all the films in the series, whether some are terrible or not, so that there is more room for other films and one franchise does not take up half the places. And bear in mind, I have not seen every film ever made (but have seen a lot). So without further ado, here are my all time favourite films:

1. Dumb and Dumber


By far the greatest comedy film, Dumb and Dumber puts all modern comedies to shame – I mean, it’s from 1994! Two incredibly talented actors, one beautiful script, and a very simple plot secure Dumb and Dumber the top spot. Let’s not mention the prequel. Dumb and Dumber To, despite being a let-down, could never meet the expectations we had, although it is nice to see Carrey and Daniels back on-screen together.

2. Naked Gun

It’s a shame Leslie Nielson only started doing comedy later in his career, because boy, does he have a knack for it! A close second, Naked Gun is as close as it gets to “laugh a minute.” Plus, it’s very rare to have two sequels both of which are as funny as the original.

3. Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park could be second, and may well get back to silver again one day, but this is the film that satisfies that childhood love of dinosaurs in all of us. Jurassic Park holds ages like a fine wine, as it looks more incredible than films made today. Made in 1993, the effects make for tense, scary scenes and awe-inspiring spectacles. The Lost World and JP3 aren’t a patch on the original, and actually ruin the characters, but Jurassic World is a step in the right direction, even beating Jurassic Park in many areas! Honestly, though, it still doesn’t look as good as the original – you just can’t beat practical effects.

4. Ace Ventura

Two films with a quirky enough character to carry them to number 4 on our list, both are over-the top and silly and outright hilarious. See our reviews of Ace Ventura and Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls.

5. Johnny English

Johnny English and its sequel showcase the best of British humour – clever, subtle, and witty. Both are almost as much an action film as a comedy. The original spoils itself with the profanities, but the sequel is a huge improvement. Johnny English 2 remains the only film I have seen in the cinema three times.

6. Mission Impossible

This series gets better as it continues and gets bigger and bigger budgets. The peak is Ghost Protocol in my opinion, and the supporting cast is very strong, with Simon Pegg adding some much-needed humour. If you want to sit back and enjoy a massive action film, you can’t go wrong with Mission Impossible.

7. James Bond

Coming in just behind Mission Impossible, 007 is a longer running franchise, and far more consistent in terms of quality. It is much more gritty, less Hollywood, and way more serious. Bond is very high quality.

8. RED

Retired, extremely dangerous. That’s about all there is to say. Another action-comedy, Bruce Willis carries the action, and John Malkovich carries the comedy. The secret to its success is its simplicity. RED 2 kind of lost that by adding more characters and complicating the plot, but they are enjoyable nonetheless.

9. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

A little gen of a film, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels may be here solely because of its uniqueness (although I’m sure it’s been done before). It’s about two men who cheat women out of money, competing to stay in the town by seeing who can extract $50,000 from a young lady first. It may not sound pleasant, but it is in fact a light comedy, and well-done at that.

10. Bourne

The Bourne films are very, very, well-written. They star Matt Damon as a super-soldier (effectively) who wakes up somewhere not knowing anything about his, you guessed it, identity. He is being hunted down and must fight to survive. You may have to watch it a couple of times to understand the plot, because it is just so clever. The fourth one, Bourne Legacy, lets the series down as it features Jeremy Renner instead and is far less clever, a Bourne film by name only almost.The reason the Bourne series isn’t higher up is because the Bear-Grylls-style camera work is, well, atrocious.

Honourable Mentions:
I Spy nearly makes it into the top ten, being another action comedy starring the naturally-funny Eddie Murphy, and also Owen Wilson.